Enrol today for a pension plan with Leadway Pensure PFA where you will be guaranteed high quality services, enviable returns on investment and the opportunity to engage with our very experienced customer relationship managers

Benefits of our Pension services.

  • Efficient and fast contribution processing
  • Accurate statements in electronic and paper format.
  • Sms alerts on all transactions on your accounts
  • Optimize your retirement plan with Additional Voluntary Contributions
  • Friendly and reliable Pension Online service as well as mobile apps.
  • Critical interaction with employers to ensure compliance
  • Prompt resolution of enquires and data updates.

Other Services

If you are considering retirement or accessing your benefits, Leadway Pensure can help make the process seamless and stress free. We will work with you from the point of application through all necessary approvals until final payments are made, ensuring prompt payment and real-time notification of the status of your application throughout the process.

Benefit Types

  • Retirement Benefit Withdrawal (50 years and above)
  • Death Benefit Withdrawal
  • 25% lump sum Withdrawal (Less than 50 years)
  • On medical ground (i.e. retirement due to medical reason)
  • Withdrawals in the Case of Missing Person

While retired, Leadway Pensure can ensure we meet you at your point of need by delivering on our promise of prompt payment. We ensure security on your investment by selecting highly stable instruments which guaranty healthy returns. If you are re-engaged after retirement, you can actively contribute towards your fund via the Voluntary Contribution.

Pension Services

  • Programmed Withdrawal vs Annuity
  • Newsletters on Retirement and Health
  • Notification on Payment
  • Retiree Engagement forums

More Information:

Leadway Pensure PFA encourages you to subscribe to our monthly job adverts. LPPFA will partner with you from this moment till you retire. Our bond with you continues even after retirement.Kindly apply for the available vacancy and LPPFA wishes you success at your job interview. Remember to open your RSA with LPPFA (your partner) when you secure the job. In addition to our job adverts, you can also interact with us even more through our social media and blogs.

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Without a doubt, small and private business remain the platform upon which the growth of Nigerian economy rests. Numerous Business Owners are so engrossed in their business that they often forget to plan for their retirement. This product avails you the rare opportunity to access and obtain professional financial planning service to put in place a retirement plan so as to ensure steady income at retirement. The retirement plan for Business Owners is designed for the benefit and convenience of self-employed, Entrepreneur, sole proprietors and professionals.

Benefits of our Pension services

  • Ensure sustainability of your company
  • Secure the future of employees at retirement
  • Optimize your retirement plan with Additional Voluntary Contributions
  • Critical investment information
  • Easy access to information
  • Prompt resolution of enquires and data updates.

Other Services


As a Pension Fund Administrator, our unique responsibilities include management of Gratuity scheme, Legacy funds and other managed funds with tailored deliverables and value taken into consideration. The driving force behind our firm’s success is our sound professional and business standards backed by the uncompromising desire to provide excellent service to our customers. Let us also hasten to add that at Leadway Pensure PFA, our distinctive competence in the Pensions Administration industry is derived by the following:


  • Highly efficient, skilled and motivated personnel;
  • Sound Investment Management capabilities;
  • Prompt Pensions payment;
  • Responsive complaint resolution and feedback system.

Other Services

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC)

AVC is the discretionary contribution made above the mandatory 18% employer and employee contributions into an individual′s Retirement Savings Account (RSA) and cannot be more than 100% percentage of your emolument. You also have the benefit of accessing your AVC anytime before retirement. However, enjoying a TAX FREE withdrawal applies only after FIVE YEARS of making contributions! .


  • Same Return with statutory pension contributions.
  • Fresh Registration not required
  • Contribution must come through employer

Other Services

Transfer NPF & NSITF to RSA

The Pension Reform Act (PRA) 2004 made provision for contributions in the National Provident Fund (NPF) and its successor scheme the National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) referred to as the “old scheme” to be transferred into members’ Retirement Savings Accounts (RSAs).

Note: Customers who were members of the “old scheme” are required by NSITF to update their records on Trust fund’s website http://www.trustfundpensions.com.

Other Services

  • Thank you for the information about data update. I have updated my data information online through the link provided and the update was successful.

    -Abubakar Adamu
  • Thank you for the information about data update. I have updated my data information online through the link provided and the update was successful.

    -Abubakar Adamu
  • Nothing but support and excellent service, as far as I am concerned LPPFA is the PFA to beat.

    -Professor Oguntana Babatunde Emmanuel (Retiree Client)
  • Thanks for putting together this rather very interesting read (the leading digest) that appeals to everyone. Up Leadway Pensure!

    -Dr. Awosika
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